About us

When I took over the New England we were frequently asked if my background was in coffee – to which the honest answer was a firm ‘no’. In my previous life I was a business manager at the Guardian. I’d been living in London for almost a decade and loved it there but following the birth of my daughter decided that the time was right to make a move. So move I did!

After much searching I was lucky enough to discover the New England up for sale and quickly made an offer. As soon as it was accepted, my home was on the market and a few months later I was packing up and heading westward and I’ve not looked back since.

The running of the New England is based on principles that are important to me:

  • We use local suppliers wherever possible, supporting local business and reducing the environmental impact of transporting supplies.
  • Our menu includes dairy alternatives, gluten free and vegan options, catering for as many of our customers as possible.
  • Reducing our environmental impact is at the forefront of our minds. We recycle where possible and are continually looking at ways to reduce the waste we produce.
  • Dogs and children are very, very welcome.

Above all, we like to create a relaxed, welcoming environment and hope our customers feel at home at the New England.